Jen Ray is a painter living and working in a forest off the coast of South Carolina. 

Ray's art is process-based, using paint and non-traditional materials to express fleeting moments and to tell deeper stories of energy, relationships, and changing environments.

She paints on location and from her studio in the woods.

Born and raised in a hand-built log cabin in the same forest to which she's returned, Ray has had a strong connection to nature from birth. A childhood spent climbing trees and forging streams later made way for new loves- the punk scene, cities, and traveling. 

Ray traveled the United States extensively for four years before landing in Atlanta, where she studied painting and printmaking at the Atlanta College of Art, and then design and photography at Portfolio Center. From there, she moved to NYC, calling Brooklyn home for the next several years, with intermittent stints back in the South. 

She now lives with her husband and two young sons, in an old barn they've renovated into a cabin on their family land.